Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the bird is dead

last night i had to wait 4 my gal to finish her hw. at midnight it was done.... as i entered my bedroom i heard the clangking of the bird cage. hastily woke my hubby to check it out hence the tekukur bird which the boy's cousin,Bang Jan gave about a month ago lay lifeless....with a bite mark on its neck sob sob. the culprit ? the same fella that fell through the roof of our bathroom uwaaaaaa no more sweet cooing from the bird. i told my hubby no more bird rearing after this am too depressed. I had to wait till this morning to tell the boys of the demise of their pet.Adik woke anxiously and eager to see the dead pet. He did asked my hubby where are we going to bury the bird. I hope when we get back from school today that the remains are still there and i can let my son with the burial of his first pet.

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