Thursday, January 20, 2011

savoury bread pudding - own's creation

8 x 8 baking tin
4 eggs
1/2 balang blender fresh milk
chicken sausages 1 pack - cut into chunks not too thin tak best
daun bawang
12 pieces gardenia bread either white or wholemeal 9I love the latter)
cheese pieces any brand also can
salt and crushed black pepper to taste
howwwwwwwww to do it
1. sapu the baking tin with generous amount of planta
2. in the blender sukat fresh milk setengah balang dan masukkan semua telur nak boh lebih pon boleh up to 6 eggs no prob. put some salt not to mush nanti masin plak. and not forgetting the crushed black pepper. n blend set aside to curah on the bread.
3. spread some butter on the pieces of bread. take 4 pieces and place at the bottom of the baking tin.
4. taburkan some of the chicken sausage chunks and the cheese and the daun bawang yang dihiris halus. curah some of the milk and egg mixture and layer balik dengan bread buat sampai habis .Tuang mixture eggs and milk tu bagi habis last sekali. set aside for about 5 - 8 minutes sambil menggunakan sudu press out the angin.
5. deco with pieces of sausages n daun bawang.and bake at 180 degrees for 40 - 50 mins

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