Monday, August 27, 2012

Back from Pak Bara

After lunch we had to hurry back because we intended to stop over at Tesco Lotus,Satun n the border closes at 6pm.There were numerous mosques here ..n the newly past Ramadhan mood was still in the air eventhough it is not Syawal..

Yay.............. Tesco my current fave hangout ...reason it has wheelchairs 4 me........mmmmm
Mr hubby had to leave his ic to get my wheelies here too.We did pass by Tesco extra about the size of our 7e but very packed with goods.i loved the sight of the powerlines there ummmmmmmm i wonder why?
looks yummilicious.....
the power lines
typical Tesco parking lots

loved the three different coloured pumpkins

its already 5.10pm we need to rush back to the border b4 6.00pm. 

we are now back on Malaysian soil.............syukur Alhamdulillah
the queue into malaysia
journey down the winding road of Wang  Kelian
we reached home almost 7nish tired but really happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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