Monday, August 27, 2012

Raya 2012 - Pat Bara,Thailand

Okay..... 22nd August 2012 a very hectic day indeed. We had to wait for the Kedai Gambaq to open to make our border passes then proceed to the immigration office and the money changer by 12 noon we proceeded to Kangar to get our car insurance. At around 12.40pm we were on our way to ...Pak Bara Pier.
It was quiet an adventurous journey for we were heading into an unknown unfamiliar location praying for a save journey and also a correct route to the supposed location

My dad n hubby did all the necessary stamping,declaring at the border town of Wang Kelian before proceeding to Pak Bara. The journey was a real adventure for we only had really little knowledge of the place we were headed for from a friend who had gone there only once.the guide that he gave us after the hills of Wang Kelian turn left then you continue your journey until you see Tesco Lotus on your  right go straight at the following junction immediately after Tesco take a right (Luckily my dad saw the Pak Bara Pier sign lol) then go straight until you find another junction (which was agessssssssssssss) and turn left to the pier (another 10-15 mins i guess)
Praying really hard that we would arrive safely and at our intended destination.
Midway to the destination it rained .......
Hello Pat Bara Pier
This were somesort like the dataran found in most seaside attractions found in Malaysia. 
Since it was lunch time it was proper that we had lunch by the beach for any muslim traveller i think i wouldn't be a bother to find halal because most of the stalls/restaurant  operators were muslims by the way they dress the hijabs n the displays of Quranic verses on the walls.

Fasai Seafood Restaurant

crunchy dip prawns
fish tom yum
sweet n sour prawns
salted fried kailan
flour deep fried squid

Owh......i forgot to mention during the journey there i felt secure in the sense that after a few kilometers you could sense mosques of all designs.We stopped at this one for our Jama prayers of Zohor n Asar.

to be continued in Back from Pak Bara...............

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